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Frequent Asked Questions

  • What is covered in the tuition cost?


The cost covers 7 class sessions, class materials, and a field trip. 

  • What included with the class materials?

An exclusive BNK T-Shirt, book bag, and notebook.

  • Can I cancel my child's enrollment and receive a refund?

You may cancel your enrollment plan at any time, however, payments are NON-refundable. 

  • Where do I go to pick up my child's class materials?

Materials pick up day will be in South San Jose, exact date, time, and location will be given. If you don't live locally we may ship the materials to you with an 

  • How long are the class sessions each week?

Summer Program

Class sessions are an 1hr long for our Kindergarten-1st grade & 2nd-3rd grade classes, but 1.5hr long for our 4-6th grade class. Please see here for the class schedule​.

  • What happens if my child misses a class?

Please inform your teacher if you will be missing a class or if you have missed a class. We do not offer any make-up classes, but we can send a recording upon request. We will also send any class curriculum they may have missed.

  • What digital platforms & tools will we be using?

Zoom, Wix and Google Apps (Google Docs, Google Jamboard, Google Slides, etc.)

  • What if I want to enroll more than 2 children?

Please contact us at for more information.

For any additional questions, please use the contact form below.

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